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Simon Jones

Simon Jones is a writer and walker. He studied theology at London Bible College and after this in 2003, began a journey into the Fathers love and an exploration of contemplative spirituality, by working part time and making space for long retreats and regular times of quiet. In recent years living in Wales since 2015, he has gained an interest in long distance walking and is planning some long distance walks which he hopes to share on this website. He loves to play and have fun and to rest and relax. He is happily married to Nathalie and a very happy father to Samuel.


Walking and Writing blog


The aim of this website and blog is to share some aspects of my journey; and in putting some aspects of my journey out there for sharing also to be open to receive from and learn from other people’s journeys…



I want to share about the amazing and unconditional love of God, our Father. To me this has been one of the biggest revelations of my adult life – that the God who made heaven and earth, revealed by Jesus and shown by the Holy Spirit is my Daddy – and is Father of us all, for we all came from him.


I also want to share revelations about the quiet, retreats, silence, solitude and stillness, the inner life, inner healing, and a life of prayer that have come through an in depth exploration of contemplative spirituality and taking retreats and time in quiet for myself.


I also want to share the beauty of Wales and my love of walking in a walking blog on this website…. I want to share some of what I see and what blesses me – as well as all that goes with this: an understanding of the importance of play; having fun; following our dreams; finding God in all of life; and finding His beauty within our own hearts as we explore and journey and find/discover our true selves.

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